Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Steampunk Jewelry, Steampunk Cufflinks, Steampunk Cuff Links, Watch Cuff Links, Steampunk Jewelry Art, Watch Work Cufflinks, Steampunk Weddings, Steampunk Mens Jewelry.You'll absolutely love this gorgeous set of hard to come by perfectly matching handmade one of a kind Steampunk cufflinks!Featured are elegant and incredibly sophisticated 17 ruby jewel antique circa 1950's, petite oval shaped wristwatch movements.The prestigious Elgin Watch Co. produced some of the most collectible American made watches, that are always a favorite among collectors.These exquisite watches are beautifully designed and well finished. Each movement displays brilliant genuine ruby jewels, exposed brass gears, highly polished steel accents and wheel plates.The cuff links measure: 5/8-inches long by 1/2-inch wide.The Perfect accessory for that special person in your life!Ideal for weddings, anniversaries, Graduation, holidays, birthdays and the business professional, these unique and stunning cuff links will make the ideal gift for you or a loved one.For more of my handmade Steampunk Jewelry, just click on the links below....Shop Homehttp://www./shop/steampunknationSteampunk Necklaceshttp://www./shop/steampunknation?section_id=7324234Steampunk Earringshttp://www./shop/steampunknation?section_id=7324235Steampunk Braceletshttp://www./shop/steampunknation?section_id=7324236Steampunk Ringshttp://www./shop/steampunknation?section_id=7324237Steampunk Cufflinkshttp://www./shop/steampunknation?section_id=7324263Steampunk Locketshttp://www./shop/steampunknation?section_id=7324296Steampunk Accessorieshttp://www./shop/steampunknation?section_id=7324299Pocket Watch Case Necklaceshttp://www./shop/steampunknation?section_id=7324301Neo Victorian Collectionhttp://www./shop/steampunknation?section_id=7324266Inspired by Naturehttp://www./shop/steampunknation?section_id=7324300, men jewelry

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