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Thor's Hammer Pendantmoney, Norse mythologymoney, Mjölnir Amulet Pure 999 Silver Viking Anglo Saxon style



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Thor's Hammer Pendant, Norse mythology, Mj\u00f6lnir Amulet Pure 999 Silver Viking Anglo Saxon styleHand made by me. LAST TWO photos are of museum pieces.Combined shipping available. Place in cart and request total. Thanks."Silver was very important in the Viking Age. The metal was easy to mould, cut, and its near indestructible nature allowed Vikings, and other groups, to hoard it underground. Silver fragments of arm-rings, coins, ingots, rods, etc. that have been purposely cut are referred to as \u2018hacksilver\u2019. The image above shows several pieces of hacksilver that were found as a part of a silver hoard in Kaupang. The numerous hoards of hacksilver that have been found across the Viking world indicate that fragmented silver was used as currency, and that the price of an object was paid for by the weight and quality of silver. The images below show a set of bronze scales and weights used in the Viking Age. This bullion economy was based on Islamic influences, and it quickly spread from Russia to the Jutlandic Peninsula by the end of the 9th century. Cut Islamic dirhams weren\u2019t an unusual occurrence in silver hoards. The spread of Islamic dirhams has circulated all throughout the Viking world, and new evidence has shown that dirhams have even been found at the Torksey, a winter camp for the Great Army from AD 872- 873.", medieval

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