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This beautiful bead was turned from a piece of Texas red cedar, grown right here in Fort Worth! I was recently blessed with meeting a fellow artist that makes tables from this amazing wood. I got good vibes from this kindred spirit (-: He sometimes sells off planks of this amazing stuff for extra cash, you know if your an artist by trade how that works haha. Starving artist is a real thing! This wood is beautiful and smells so so amazing!!!!Measures 35.45mm tall x 19.6mm thick and has a 7.20mm hole. Once turned and sanded, I use organic oil to bring out the grain and buff it with organic beeswax. The inside is just oiled. Every bead will be turned based on how the wood is talking to me (so to speak haha) therefore each and every one will be a one of a kind little work of art. Thanks for taking the time to look, let me know if you would like something special! Peace, LarissaI recently had a customer suggest advertising my custom beads for Para cord knife lanyard beads, as this was what he was using my beads for. So I have added the suggestion. I can turn these with 7mm holes as well if a smaller hole is needed. Thanks for taking the time to look, let me know if you would like something special! Peace, LarissaHere is a link to the section where you can find more beads; https://www./shop/MustLoveWoodPlugs?section_id=7222953&ref=shopsection_leftnav_3I recently opened up a new shop for my artwork, writing instruments, vases and oil lamps, wine and spirits bottle stoppers, and much more including decorative items. Please stop by and check it out! I need all the traffic I can get! https://www./shop/TexasWoodMarket?ref=hdr_shop_menu, wooden jewelry

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