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ireland, Ear Art for the Modern Celt- Celtic knot earrings in green



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Shortie Twist with Crystal\r\rCeltic knot earrings of my own design. I grew tired of "carved" knots, what's the fun in that? So I learned how to tie real knots and now I twist and wind the clay to my bidding. A visit to Ireland last summer provided even more inspiration.\r\rTwisted from light green clay, and dusted with shimmery pearlescent golden powder. Different lighting produces shifts in the colors. Swarovski crystals are featured at the top of the dangle for extra delight!\r\rPerfect accessories for an SCA event, Irish costume, Renaissance Fair, or Fairy costume.\r\r***ZOOM ZOOM*** click any picture to see the details! \r\rPolymer clay is lightweight and strong. Most people pick these earrings up and exclaim how unexpectedly weightless they are- for the size. My hand holds one in the last photo so you can see the length. Nickel-free antiqued findings.\r\rAs always, I DELIGHT IN CUSTOM DESIGN! If you have always wanted a certain knot, or if you have a special color, please contact me to create your own bespoke design., celtic

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