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quartz, CRYSTAL CLEAR Drop Hill Tribe and Sterling Silver Crystal Earrings



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These earrings feature:\r\r12mm Faceted Rock Crystal Discs\r\rHill Tribe Silver\r\rEarring wires ~ Sterling Silver\r\rLength ~ 1 5/8"\r\r* ~ * ~ *\r\rRock Crystal Quartz\r\rThe most common quartz, this colorless, transparent gemstone has a quiet beauty. Rock crystal quartz is considered by many to be the best all-purpose crystal. It is reputed to cleanse the mind and body, strengthen alignment with higher self, enhance properties of other gemstones, amplify energies and give strength. It is also said to lessen negativity and remove toxins.\r\rHill Tribe Silver\r\rThailand Karen Hill Tribe Silver Jewelry is 97.5-99% genuine, pure and high silver content, this purity make the hill tribe silver content higher than sterling silver jewelry (92.5%), thus easy to bend and shape into forms but still maintain its aesthetic, unique and very pleasing jewelry. Akha, Iumien, Lisu, Karen are all hill tribe groups in Thailand.\r\r* ~ * ~ *, rock crystal

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