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One-of-a-kind Agate Heart Keyring or key chain. This high-quality Indian Agate pendant would make a perfect gift for a new car owner or anyone who loves the beauty of natural gemstones. This Agate pendant also works well as a "touchstone", a soothing stone to hold any time of day. I love the idea of personal touchstones or objects that will inspire and reorient you every time you touch them. Objects that are soothing, tactile, and grounding. Available with or without a bronze charm\u2026 make your selection in the drop-down menu.Agate pendant measures: approx. 40x40mm round or 1.5 inchesOther Materials: Antique brass, Brown LeatherSee more GEMSTONE KEYRINGS here: AGATE (this info is on product tag): Occurring in a broad range of colours, all agates are associated with abundance, wealth, good luck, longevity, harmony, courage, and truthfulness. They are considered to bring protection to all who wear or carry them. Agates help attract love, cleansing the heart of old hurts and attracting positive energies from the environment. Expressing the life-affirming abundance and protection of earth, agates help balance the mind and body, thereby supporting physical health. Particularly strengthening to blood vessels and assist in healing of all inflammatory conditions. Chakra(s): root, sacral, stone keyring

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