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western, TURQUOISE Amethyst HIll Tribe Sterling Silver Drop Earrings



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These chunky earrings feature:\r\rTurquoise nuggets, 1/2 in length\r\rAmethyst\r\rHill Tribe Silver\r\rEarring wires ~ Sterling Silver\r\rLength ~ 1 1/2 inches\r\r~ * ~ * ~\r\rTurquoise\r\rConsidered to be a sacred stone by many Native American Indian tribes, turquoise offers courage, healing, love, luck money and friendship. Mostly recognized for its extraordinary color, this stone also promises to protect you from all manner of evil.\r\rAmethyst\r\rAmethyst with its luscious color, it is the official birthstone for February and one of our best-selling gemstones. In addition to "preventing" drunkenness, people also once thought the stone encouraged celibacy and symbolized piety. Amethyst was therefore very important in the ornamentation of churches in the Middle Ages. Western mystics say the stone helps instill the highest ideals and urges one to do what is right. They also claim amethyst cures impatience, alleviates feelings of victimization, balances high energy, eliminates chaos and helps keep one grounded. The official state gemstone of the state of Georgia, amethyst is mined in the U.S.A., Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Zambia, Namibia and other African countries.\r\rHill Tribe Silver\r\rThailand Karen Hill Tribe Silver Jewelry is 97.5-99% genuine, pure and high silver content, this purity make the hill tribe silver content higher than sterling silver jewelry (92.5%), thus easy to bend and shape into forms but still maintain its aesthetic, unique and very pleasing jewelry. Akha, Iumien, Lisu, Karen are all hill tribe groups in Thailand.\r\r* ~ * ~ *, drop

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