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Resin Ring Sz 8.25 Fish Bowl Resin Ring



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This completely unique Fish bowl Ring (size 8.25) is handcrafted with a molded polymer koi fish and real seashells embedded in a shiny clear resin on a base of ocean blue. Show your love for little critters with this chunky ring that will attract a lot of attention. My pieces are made completely by hand, making each piece a one of a kind! I create Silicone molds, pour resins/dyes/other colourants and spend MANY hours sculpting and sanding to create a unique shape. I do not use artificial shine on my resin pieces (no varnish, glaze, floor polish, car polish etc). I use finely gritted sand paper, a ton of time and a variety of resins to create the luster! Care instructions will be provided with your purchase.My jewelry is made with a variety of resins. Polyurethane Resin is used to cast this ring. This resin is UV stable with a high heat tolerance, meaning it won't yellow in the sun and it won't soften with body heat. This resin is industrial grade making it resistant to scratches very strong. Other resins including epoxy resin and polyester resin are also utilized in many of my pieces.

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