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A dragonfly rear view mirror charm with natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone bead. Hang this Dragonfly Road Totem from your car's rear view mirror to brighten your day, no matter what the road conditions are. Makes a perfect little light-hearted gift for all the travellers and commuters out there! Dragonflies symbolize good vision and the ability to maneuver quickly.Overall length: 8.5 inches. Lapis Lazuli gemstone oval bead pictured (30mm) with brass Dragonfly. Coloured non-stretch nylon cord can be self-looped on car rear-view mirror. Comes with a double-sided tag with Dragonfly facts and symbolism (see below).GEMSTONE CHOICE: Please choose your gem from drop down menu- Blue Lapis- Yellow FluoriteMORE CAR MIRROR CHARMS & CRYSTALS can be seen here: CHARMS with TASSELS can be seen here: CAR KEYRINGS here: NOTE: These are natural gemstones, and while you will receive the gemstone you choose, the originals have sold\u2026 so please expect some slight variation in the gem portion of productABOUT DRAGONFLIES (this info is on product tag): Dragonflies have inhabited our planet for 300 million years. Their dazzling colour and masterful flight have captivated the imagination of all cultures. Symbols of power, swiftness and grace, they can move up to 45 mph, hover like a helicopter, and fly backwards like a hummingbird. In their ability to be comfortable on water (as larvae) and in flight they represent the ability to transcend limits and understand the deeper meaning of life. Dragonflies remarkable eyes can see 360 degrees - representing vision and clarity. In all cultures Dragonflies are symbols of change and self-realization., suncatcher

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