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silver, Beige Stained Glass Pendant With Filigree



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This beige stained glass pendant is a great accessory for anyone who loves unique jewelry. This pendant measures 1 1/2" (3.81cm) square. The surgical steel jump ring is 5mm.\r\rMade of beige opaque stained glass, I have added a silver filigree which adds a touch of elegance. Lead free solder was used in the construction of this piece. You are sure to get plenty of compliments.\r\rIt does not come with a chain. Chains can be purchased here:\rhttp://www./shop/africansand?section_id=5006104\r\rIf you're giving your purchase as a gift, boxes can be purchased here:\rhttps://www./listing/110788203/random-gift-box-for-jewelry-purchases.\r\rPlease feel free to contact me for any questions.\r\rThis item ships within two days.\r\rThank you for visiting my shop.\r\r\rTo see more colors of this style please click:\r\rRed: http://www./listing/42472508/red-stained-glass-filigree-pendant\r\rBlack: http://www./view_listing.php?listing_id=25477387\r\rGreen: http://www./view_listing.php?listing_id=39342797\r\rWhite: http://www./listing/42526191/white-stained-glass-filigree-pendant\r\rBlue: http://www./listing/72257231/blue-stained-glass-filigree-pendant, glass jewelry

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