Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Catholic Rosary Tibetan Style Brown Agate Third Eye Beads Special Order Very Interesting Bronze Medal and Crucifix Custom Necklace



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I am so excited about these beads. I have been watching them for quite a few years now, but the price is always way out of my league and that of my customers. A little while ago I was able to buy a couple of strands at a more reasonable price, They do not look real - like they were manufactured rather than coming from nature! The rosary has a hanging length of 22 inches and the loop is like putting on a 30 inch necklace. Spacers are Czech glass beads. So since all the beads are either semi-precious stones or glass, the rosary has a little weight to it. I put on bronze middle medal and crucifix to stay with the tone of the rosary. This comes in a complimentary pouch.All my rosaries are made without chains to break, snag or tarnish.Let me know if you would like this in a gift box.

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