Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chain, BIG RHINESTONE BALL Necklace-Major Sparkle/Sale!!!



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WHAT? This is amazing, as you can see!A large (2") rhinestone ball and beaded chain necklace.... All the stones (some large and some smaller) are prong set, on thick wire, coming from the middle, which is a large crystal bead. The wire makes it possible to move the rhinestones around, any way you'd like. On the other side of the ball is another large crystal bead, that connects more crystals, some cut glass connectors and gold barrel shaped beads, that make up the 28"beaded chain.Mere words can't really describe this! (Obviously). It's in MINT condition, has a spring ring clasp, incredibly well made. Gold tone metal. This and a low cut black dress??? You will be the belle of the BALL!, rare

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