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Couch Potatoeshumor, St. Clare of Assisi



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St. Clare was the best friend of St. Francis of Assisi. They were both the children of nobility and probably had many playdates together as children. But when Francis grew up he gave his life to Christ, Lady Poverty and the birds and squirrels, so Clare followed suit.\r\rFrancis founded the Franciscan Order. Clare founded the Poor Clares. Francis established monasteries all over Europe. Clare came right behind founding convents.\r\rWhen Clare was very old and could no longer attend Mass, the Mass appeared on her sickroom wall. So she was also the founder of the Mass for Shut-Ins. Not to be outdone, Francis also appeared to help Clare into heaven.\r\rClare is the patron saint of television for this obvious reason.\r\rShe is also the Patron saint of goldsmiths, perhaps to help them renounce the stuff as she did. More likely, though it is because she turned back an invading army by holding up the gold Monstrance holding the Body of Christ, which is how she is depicted in art. It makes a much better holy card than Clare sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream.\r\rSt. Clare on very fine copper colored ball chain measures 24"., luck

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