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This stained glass confetti pendant is made of milky white translucent glass called confetti glass. It has black streamers and flecks of red and yellow. It measures 1 7/8" (4.76cm) long and 5/8" (1.58cm) wide and has a 6mm surgical steel jump ring.\r\rConfetti glass is made up of a sheet of glass which has smaller pieces of colored glass melted into it.\r\rLead free solder was used in the construction of this piece. \r\rIt does not come with a chain. Chains can be purchased here:\rhttp://www./shop/africansand?section_id=5006104\r\rIf you're giving your purchase as a gift, boxes can be purchased here:\rhttps://www./listing/110788203/random-gift-box-for-jewelry-purchases.\r\rPlease feel free to contact me for any questions.\r\rThis item ships within two days.\r\rThank you for visiting my shop., lead free solder

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