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louisiana, Fleur De Lis -- Elegant Sterling Silver Ring



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ELEGANT FLEUR D'LIS ring made of STERLING SILVER.\r\rThe fleur d'lis is synonymous with the great city of New Orleans & its' connection with France. It has recently become a larger symbol of support, solidarity & love for New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. I like wearing my ring simply because it is beautiful, fits smoothly on the finger, and makes me feel like French royalty. Ive gotten constant compliments on it.\r\rTop of the ring measures approximately 1/2"x1/2" and has a very sweet, refined fleur d'lis. The sides have delicate cascading swirls. This ring is not hollow, it is solid and smooth and easily worn.\rPLEASE SPECIFY SIZE,and i will make it for you.\r\rNOTE: This ring currently had a 10 business day turn around time. I have to make it!, french

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