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seashell, Seashell Necklace-Silver with Heart and Angel Charms



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You may have seen some of my hand-painted seashells here which are done on a large sand dollar shell. These are shells that I purchase as they are not found in this area. I do, however, walk the beach and find some beautiful treasures from the sea very frequently. I have decided to use these in a new line of jewelry which is very different from the tiny beaded pieces I have been doing. I like the look of the painted gold or silver shells, but I also use some just the way they look naturally. I embellish them with beads and charms to enhance the "beach-y" look or use some conventional materials as crystals, cameos, pearls, etc. I hope you will be pleased with my efforts and will want to wear an "authentic South Carolina seashell".This is a one-of-a-kind piece and cannot be duplicated exactly.This piece measures approximately 24 inches on a black cord., seashell

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