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pacific northwest, Whale Tail Carved in Bone



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The Whale tail symbolizes speed, strength, freedom, joy within, wisdom, good luck, long life, harmony and peace.\rA bone carved whale tail was commonly worn by fisherman for safe travel. \rPacific Northwest, Maori, and Hawaiian cultures are amoung many cultures who wear the whale tail.\rIncludes an 19" silver plated chain which has a lobster claw clasp. It is packaged in a fine satin pouch.\r1 1/2"w x 3/4"h #1739\r\rThis carving is original, one of a kind and signed.\rAlthought I repeat designs, each one is carved individually and no two are exactly the same. \r\rAncient cultures used bone to make tools, ceremonial objects, and adornments. Whale, moose, eagle, and many other animal bones were used depending on their location. Cow bones are the only readily available source of bone that is suitable for carving. The bone is very fine grain and dense. This allows a high gloss finish. I currently use cow bones\r\rThe bones are put through an extensive de-marrowing process. Then I use a peroxide solution which is environmentally friendly. This whitens the bone.\rI sometimes dip the carvings into a mixture of herbs and teas to give them an antique appearance. This also accentuates the details., maori pendant

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