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bat, Baby Bat- Small Enameled Tie Tack or Scatter Pin



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This small Bat pin can give a Halloween or Goth look to an ordinary tie, or be a discreet adornment to a collar or lapel. The bat is glass enamel over copper: First the curved copper shape is made perfectly clean, then in a multistage process various colored glass powders are added to the shape and each layer fired in a 1450 degree F kiln. This process, when repeated, gives each piece a lovely depth of color and shine, and allows for the mottled texture within the wings in shades of red, rusts, and browns. The bat is 0.75 inches (2 cm) wide by 0.75 inches (2 cm) tall.The pin on the back is of nickel silver for strength, and the clutch is a flat version for ease of wear, plated in a silver color.Bats have long been hailed as symbols of rebirth-- facing the dark side to better receive the light. On their wings they bring change, and are often used as talismans to help one face their fears and guide them through the night. And, of course, bats are well-known for their connection with immortal vampires...Since each piece is individually made, please allow for some variations in color and appearance.Each Bat pin comes in a small box with a flat silver-colored clutch.Shipping via Priority Mail.Other shipping and payment options may be possible; please contact me if interested., enamel

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