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lead free solder, Red Glass Jewel Earrings



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These vibrant red glass jewel earrings measure 7/8" (2.22cm) round and are flat on the back. They are very lightweight.\r\rMade using the copper foil method, lead free solder was also used in the construction of these earrings. \r\rNo two are ever alike and you are guaranteed to get plenty of compliments. These earrings are great for any occasion. \r\rThe ear wires can be converted to sterling silver and for non pierced ears, earring clips. They are available here:\rhttp://www./shop/AfricanSand?section_id=5006104\r\rIf you're giving your purchase as a gift, boxes can be purchased here:\rhttps://www./listing/110788203/random-gift-box-for-jewelry-purchases.\r\rPlease feel free to contact me if you have any questions.\r\rThis item ships within two days.\r\rThank you for visiting my shop.\r\rTo see more colors of this earring, please click:\r\rRed: http://www./view_listing.php?listing_id=34795623\r\rDark Blue: http://www./listing/34881741/dark-blue-glass-jewel-earrings\r\rLight Blue: http://www./listing/59671745/light-blue-glass-jewel-earrings\r\rYellow: http://www./listing/57155214/yellow-glass-jewel-earrings\r\rTurquoise: http://www./listing/57547893/turquoise-glass-jewel-earrings\r\rGreen: http://www./listing/58078919/green-glass-jewel-earrings, earrings

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