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Inspired by Princess Pegs of Sunshine Towers, these little tabby cats make the purrfect gift for any cat lover.One pair of laser cut and engraved wooden cats, presented on silver plated cufflinks. Each kitty measures approx. 25 x 20 x 3mm.They will be snuggly wrapped and beautifully packaged to ensure a safe trip to their new home.Don't forget to look out for the other cat cufflinks -you can get black, white, tabby, glittery black (oooooo!) and even enamel versions:BLACK CAT CUFFLINKShttps://www./uk/listing/290511681/little-black-cat-cufflinksWHITE CAT CUFFLINKShttps://www./uk/listing/689341890/little-white-cat-cufflinksTABBY CAT CUFFLINKShttps://www./uk/listing/277000166/little-tabby-cat-cufflinksGLITTERY BLACK CAT CUFFLINKShttps://www./uk/listing/630630056/glittery-black-cat-cufflinksENAMEL CAT CUFFLINKShttps://www./uk/listing/556722000/cat-cufflinks-cuff, crazy cat man

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