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In Chinese culture, apples (\u82f9\u679c) are representative of peace (\u5e73). Within the family, they bring tranquility for a happy family.This good luck Red String Bracelet includes a 1g pure gold bead. Red and gold are the two most propitious (lucky) colors in Chinese tradition. Here you can have them both in one bracelet. Buy this for yourself, a beloved one, or just to keep a bit of gold on hand. The gold will last forever, but the string may not; therefore, on this bracelet only, if the string breaks, I will re-weave the bead into a new bracelet at no additional cost. This is the the only bracelet for which I will do this.The gold bead is 10x10 millimeters in size and is 99.9% 24k pure. Note that because of this, the price will fluctuate. Please include your wrist's diameter so that I can ensure the bracelet is the right size.In the event of the string breaking and you wish me to re-weave it, please email me first. You will have to pay the postage to send it back to me, and include both the broken string and the bead.size:adjustable This handmade bracelet is adjustable, but I can easily use a fixed size closure if that is your preference. Please let me know as part of your order.I can also make this with a different colored string; choose from red,or black, with your order.HAND MADE IN THE USA!, chines

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