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Giraffe / Beadwoven Peyote Cuff Bracelet / Wild Animal Spots Beading Design / Africa-Inspired Jewelry / Pumpkinwild animal, Blackwild animal, Off White Beads



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From the plains of the Serengeti (actually from the sofa in my living room) comes a bracelet whose design mimics one of my favorite wild animals - the giraffe!This is my own take on the animal's pattern, an adaptation of the pattern seen on the reticulated giraffe whose fur is covered with large yellow to reddish-brown spots against a creamy background. I've added some black around the edges of some of the spots to accentuate.The giraffe bracelet is woven using Japanese Delica beads in creamy offwhite, dark pumpkin, and jet black. All of the beads are opaque with a slightly matte finish.\u2666 Width: 1-1/4" (32mm)\u2666 Length: Select your wrist size (bracelet will be made ~1/2" (13mm) larger than selected wrist size)\u2666 Closure: Beadwoven loop and toggle\u2666 Technique: two drop peyote...Item #2930, beaded bracelet

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