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Mud Poniesindian head nickel, Wild Horses II LUXE 2 Strand Lampwork Gemstone Wrap All Artisan Bracelet



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Welcome to White Tideline Designs, handcrafted jewelry-as-art ~ sculpted bracelets like watercolors, using premier artisan beads & gemstones & sterling. Each piece is designed and handmade by me in my San Francisco Bay Area studio, an old African mahogany dining room table in my home - my vast and beautiful palette. While my muse may be the same (so often it is the sea, a landscape, a trip abroad), no two pieces are ever identical. The American Buffalo nickel is rarely found in loose change coming from a cash register till anymore. More often, to find one, you have to search in Grandpa's 'junk drawer' or buy from eBay just to feel like you own a little bit of the Wild, Wild West or the gritty, mystical times when the western plains and prairies owned the day. On one side of the 'Buffalo Nickel' is a buffalo and on the other side is the rugged profile of a Native American Chief who I always associated with the great man, Sitting Bull. I have designed 'Mud Ponies, Wild Horses & the White Buffalo' after a wonderful Buffalo head nickel which, while once in circulation, as a real nickel, was taken by someone and turned into a button. It is this nickel button which I have used as the focal point of this three-strand, LUXE wrap bracelet. This piece is dripping with sterling silver, gemstones & studio glass artisan beads known as 'lampwork,' each a one-of-a-kind design.Add to the bracelet's focal point (of the nickel), you will find a gorgeous long wild horses sterling silver connector which commands the boldest attention of the bracelet. On the back side of the connector are the words, 'Run Free.' The connector is made by an esteemed metal artist using the old wax technique of casting sterling silver. The beauty and motion of the wild horses is joined by the lampwork bead etched like an early man cave painting in a primitive style and showing a horned elk or deer. But it is really her generous, long wild horses sterling silver connector which commands the boldest attention of the bracelet. Exquisitely rendered, the sterling silver seems fluid & alive with movement of wild horses and is magnificent. Brought all together this piece is a celebration of the verdant, open & wild plains where wild horses run, herds of buffalo graze and where First Nation leaders once held their people and their home in nature as one cohesive & guarded sanctuary. Freedom. All of thddis came to a sudden halt with the introduction of Europeans, 'pale faces,' and it is now the White Buffalo First Nation people wait for as a sign of the coming of a new, happier era and a time of renewed independence. Such is the backstory of 'Mud Ponies, Wild Horses and the White Buffalo, II'Nine individual lampwork artists are used in the beadwork of 'Mud Ponies, Wild Horses...' - from the USA, Europe and the U.K. Done in colors of gold, sand, taupe and peppered with violet, cabernet, amber and cream, the piece includes especially fetching beads by a European artist whose signature design are beads with glass portals protruding from the bead's surface, like perfect half-orbs. You will also find the following wondrous sculpted lampwork beads: an acorn, two blackberries and a raspberry, adding to the feel of harvest colors of the wide, open and fertile countryside where wild horses roam. The many stones and gemstones in the composition include the following:1. Blue-flash fire moonstone, 2. Faceted iolite & aquamarine nuggets, 3. Moss blue iolite faceted rondelles, 4. Creamy Baroque pearls, 5. Faceted purple amethyst rondelles, 6. Light blue aquamarine rondelles. Other beads include an esteemed Austrian Swarovski round crystal slider, micro-faceted Swarovski rounds, bicones & rondelles along with Swarovski fancy sterling-plated pave crystal rondelles which adds that unexpected glamorous accent in the midst of earthy splendor of semi-precious gemstones. Sterling silver braided rings, plain rings, avant gard sterling shields/spacers, bead caps all work together to complete 'Mud Ponies, Wild Horses...' with a modern, sterling toggle clasp, also made by an esteemed silversmith.'Mud Ponies, Wild Horses & the White Buffalo, II' measures 8 to 8.5 inches in length strands and is meant to be worn somewhat loosely. One length is a touch longer than the other allowing the looser strand to move or tangle just a bit in concert with the main strand., wrap bracelet

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