Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

angels, Emergency Pass to Heaven



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If you manage to make a good confession before you kick the bucket, you'll make it to heaven to matter how rotten you were(if you are truly sorry). The trick is you have to have a priest to absolve you.So you'll definitely want this useful bracelet. The front is littered with heavenly help and the back gives instructions to the EMT's who are scraping you off the street to CALL A PRIEST.On the front of the medal we have Jesus and Mary Themselves, The Miraculous Medal (good for car trouble), St. Christopher (patron saint of travelers) to guide your soul in the right direction, just in case you've laid in the ditch too long.On the back the Miraculous Medal and Our Lady of Perpetual Help. What a bonanza!Plus our own homemade holy card to explain the details.Hand painted medal on purple ball chain measures 24"., necklace

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