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It's time to decorate your car, your home away from home, with jewelry for your car\u2026 a yoga-inspired CAR MALA, with antique brass mandala charm and gemstone focal. Choose your gem and tassel color. This would make a perfect gift for anyone who practices yoga, uses prayer beads for meditation practice, or just loves mandalas, gemstones \u2026 and tassels! Please make gemstone choice from the drop-down menu:- Rainbow Moonstone - silver-grey tassel- Green Peridot - Rose Quartz - Dark Blue Lapis Lazuli - Turquoise (dyed magnesite) - Black Onyx (not pictured)- Dark Red Garnet (not pictured)- Purple Amethyst (not pictured)- Green AgateAntique brass chain and lobster clasp make attachment to rearview mirror full adjustable. Hand made natural fiber tassel is 4 inches, but can easily be trimmed shorter if desired.Mandala is 40mm, the gemstone is on both sides of design Gemstone size varies from 4mm - 8mm, most are 6mm+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++MORE CAR MIRROR CHARMS & CRYSTALS can be seen here: CHARMS with TASSELS can be seen here: CAR KEYRINGS here:, car mirror charm

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