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VEGAN LEATHER Harnessfestival, Black Body Chain Necklacefestival, Veganfestival, Bicycle Inner tubefestival, Burning Manfestival, Vegan Leather Necklacefestival, Festivalfestival, Body Harness



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The BRAVEHEART Body Piece features hand-cut strips of repurposed bicycle inner tube that are linked to chain to form an avant-garde body accessory. An extremely versatile statement accessory. Wear over a white tee, wear on your back with a bandeau, wear to the side. The look is purely up to you! Material:Repurposed Bicycle Inner tubes - Black RubberDimensions:One Size Fits MostIf you need something custom - shoot me an emailBorn in Los Angeles.Follow us / Friend us / Keep in TouchInstagram: @beatriceholidayFacebook - - @beatriceholidayPinterest -, sustainable

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