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This yoga inspired CAR MALA, with a carved black agate elephant, and natural fibre tassel and accent bead, would make a perfect gift for anyone who practices yoga, uses prayer beads for meditation practice, or just loves elephants\u2026 and tassels. Beautifully carved black agate gemstone elephant makes a perfect car totem. Elephants are considered powerful symbols of protection and in India are revered as the 'remover of obstacles'. Please choose tassel colour and accent gemstone bead from the drop down menus.Antique brass chain and lobster clasp make attachment to rear view mirror full adjustable. Carved elephant measures approx. 1.25 x 1.25 inches. Natural fibre tassel is 4 inches, but can easily be trimmed shorter if desired.More CAR MALAS can be seen here: ROAD TOTEMS can be seen here: unique collection of MALA BEADS can be viewed here: ELEPHANTS (this info appears on tag): Symbol of strength and wisdom, the elephant is one of the most powerful animal symbols. In India the elephant-headed Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and is a blessing on all new projects and new beginnings. In Asia the elephant is believed to carry the world upon his back - he is the God of luck, fortune and protection. In western culture elephants signify reliability, dignity, power, longevity and royalty. Elephants are highly intelligent social animals, demonstrating profound sensitivity and loyalty to family members, especially the young and weak in the group. World-wide, elephants are threatened with extinction if more habitat is not protected for them and poaching for their beautiful ivory tusks is not stopped. At their current rate of decline, they may be extinct in most areas of Africa by 2040. Poverty, along with a complex web of social, political and environmental problems, is the largest contributing factor to the Elephant's disappearance., car decoration

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