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cosplay, Queen Elsa Crown Tiara Cosplay Costume Disneybound Musical (Small)



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Inspired by the crown worn by Queen Elsa in the coronation scene in the Disney movie "Frozen."Made with a pre-fab crown base, an acrylic rhinestones, and spray paint. Also coated with spray-fix to keep the gold from flaking or rubbing off.The crown is about 1.5" wide, and has an integrated comb to attach to hair.This is perfect if you wish to dress up as Elsa for a convention, for Halloween, or for any other occasion.Due to the hand-made nature of this piece, it may not look exactly as the one in the picture. Please send me a message if you have any questions!Please note that this is a costume jewelry piece, and may not be up to the strain of everyday wear. Please be mindful of this when considering this piece., cosplay

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