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stress, Sterling Silver Spinner Ring with Copper and Brass Rings.



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Beautiful hand made sterling silver ring with three spinning rings. These are wonderful gifts for anyone. They have also been called worry rings. As the wearer spins the rings it helps relieve tension and stress. I offer sizes from 6 to 10 and if you want all copper or all brass or any other combination please just let me know in the notes section when buying.\rThe ring is hand cut by me, then hammered, filed and polished. Each ring has different variations because they are hand made. They are true to size because of the ends being slightly flared. This is a very comfortable ring that you will wear all the time.\rYour ring is made when you order it. I usually have all materials in stock but sometimes I do not. I assure you that your order is important to me and I will get it made as quickly as possible (yes I work in my studio on week-ends). Thank you!!\rNOTE:\rPlease order by Dec 15th to ensure delivery by December 24th!, men

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