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statement necklace, Athena- Statement Necklace Bib Necklace Bead Embroidery



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Athena was inspired by the center piece brass lady with flowing gown. Sead beads are vintage light oranges to a beasutiful salmon pink shade, had to match that up with several shades of green. There is a large carnilian square with two half moon shaped picaso stones. The necklace is backed with torquise ultrasuede and measures just over 6 1/2 inches wide and 6 inches long.\r\rAll my necklace and bracelet materials range from antique, vintage to new beads. Each art piece contains cabochons, seed beads, finding, simi-precious stones, glass and pearls. Each each is backed with Ultrasuede with a color that best matches the art work.\r\rEach item comes with a beautiful wood jewlery box inside a white storage box and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by me., embroidered jewlery

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