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Houndstooth is one of the most classic designs around, a very traditional looking design that's almost always presented in black and white. While I stuck with the black and white for this beadwoven bracelet, I decided to do my own take on the ubiquitous pattern by giving it a modern twist. Big, bold, funky looking houndstooth!Beautiful, chic, and comfortable, your houndstooth bracelet is the perfect accompaniment for your favorite little black dress or for your favorite white t-shirt.\u2666 Width: 1-1/2" (38mm)\u2666 Length: Select your wrist size (bracelet will be made ~1/2" (13mm) larger than selected wrist size).\u2666 Closure: Beadwoven loop and toggle\u2666 Technique: three drop peyote...Item #3682, classic design

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