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bracelet tutorial, Right Angle Weave Tutorial 1 - Begin the Bling Ebook



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This right angle weave tutorial is called "Begin the Bling", and it's a wonderful way to start blinging up your jewelry making skills. Do you know right angle weave ("RAW")? Are you new to RAW? Do you love making beautiful jewelry? Read on!\r\rI've always been fascinated by right angle weave. It's extremely versatile, and it can be fluid or structured, unadorned or embellished to within an inch of its life ;) There's a RAW design to match anyone's taste.\r\rThis tutorial focuses on embellishment. It starts off with traditional embellishments and moves to more non-traditional means. And while this tutorial assumes that you have been exposed to RAW, I did include an appendix with step-by-step instructions for basic RAW. (It's great even if you just need a refresher.) :)\r\rYou will learn:\r\r * Project 1: Traditional RAW with both elegance and sparkle.\r\r * Project 2: Using large beads can be problematic, but this solves the problem with bling!\r\r * Project 3: This one uses large round beads, usually tough to work with. This project stabilizes the right angle weave and gives it a romantic feel and flair.\r\r * Project 4: Go tubular! But not just any tubular RAW, but one that is triangular. Definitely different, and it's easier than you think!\r\rAnd a whole lot more! And yes, I did design the projects, do the beadwork, take the photos and do the write up myself -- this is my own creation.\r\r********Important**********\r\rThis tutorial is in the form of an ebook. This means that it's digital PDF file, and is delivered by immediate download. I do not offer a physcial book, although you are welcome to print a copy of the ebook for your own use. The file size is almost 2 MB.\r\r*****************************\r\r\rThis right angle weave tutorial is 45 pages and has 98 photos!!!!\r\rAnd it's got plenty of close ups, so you can see exactly where the needle (and beads) go.\r\r\r\r********NOTE******** \r\rThe jewelry shown in this listing is NOT included with the ebook -- they are photos of the projects in the book. This listing is ONLY for the ebook tutorial.\r\r\rSo, what else? Well, as I mentioned, it's a digital download, so you get the dowload link immediately after you purchase -- no waiting!!! :)\r\rThe file is a PDF format. Most computers these days come with a PDF reader, but if for some reason you don't have one, you can download a free reader at\r\r**Due to the nature of this tutorial, no refunds will be given.** Please keep this in mind before you press the Add to Cart button. I do try my very best to over-deliver to you, though! And of course, you are welcome to contact me via email or convo if you have questions -- I am happy to help!\r\rOne more thing -- this tutorial is just for you -- please don't share a copy. I've put a lot of time and energy into making this right angle weave ebook tutorial, so I appreciate your understanding in this.\r\rThank you, and join you on the inside!, right angle weave

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