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Choice of gemstone Dowsing Pendulum or Pendulum Necklace made with 20mm natural Pyrite bead. A natural gemstone divination tool used to access unconscious or intuitive information. This dowsing pendulum has a very nice weight and swing! STYLE: Can be purchased on a short dowsing chain, or as a pendulum necklace. Please make selections of style and chain length from drop down menu.GEMSTONE: 20mm natural Pyrite Bead, 6mm natural quartz toggle bead at chain endFINDINGS & CHAIN: Silver Plated (Brass/Alloy non-lead)TAG: Comes with instructional 'Dancing Earth Pendulum' tagMany other gem pendulums choices available: https://www./shop/goodmedicinegemstone?section_id=12862258&ref=shopsection_leftnav_8USING A PENDULUMHold the small quartz end bead, letting the pendulum come to a rest over the palm of your opposite hand. Relax. Ask silently to be shown the pendulum motion which designates a "YES" answer. Repeat the procedure to determine a "NO". Ask questions for which you know the answer to determine accuracy. Use your pendulum regularly to build confidence in technique. Hang in a sunny window to cleanse and energize., dowsing pendulum

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