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Bad Boyschain, St. Dismas the Good Thiefchain, Patron Saint medal on Blue Ball Chain



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We don't really know the names of the two thieves on Calvary, but we do know that one of them repented right there on his cross and Jesus told him he would go straight to heaven. \r\rSo we know he's a saint. A saint is anyone who is dead and in heaven. \r\rWe made up a name for him, St. Dismas. And eventually people made a back story for him: When the Holy Family was fleeing to Egypt because of the wrath of Herod (and can we just stop here and say, what's with these wise men going to the meanest king in the world and asking where they might find the king? What's up with that? Wise, indeed) they are accosted by some thieves. One of the thieves called the other guys off and let the family pass unharmed and unrobbed. Of course, this is Dismas. And of course, this story is completely made up.\r\rSt. Dismas was a thief and he is in heaven so he is the patron saint of criminals and also funeral directors and undertakers.\r\rHand painted medal is on crayon blue ball chain and measures 23"., boy

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